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About i2i Optical

i2i Optical is a New Concept of Individualised Eye Care

An eye examination is more than just a vision test. From examining your eye to helping you choose frames and lenses that are most suitable to you – we, as a team, aim to provide you a professional yet friendly care.

An eye wear is an accessory that helps you define your look. It is very important how comfortable you feel when you have to wear it regularly. This is why our frame collections have been carefully selected with utmost attention. We bring you a variety of exclusive frames – be it about making you comfortable with the optimum fit through our handmade ‘Eye Respect‘ or escorting you to the city of London with our collection of LDNR‘ frames and sunglasses. Hand in hand with fashion, we have plenty of colourful frames for those who like the urban chic design!

We are proud to announce that i2i Optical is one of the premium partners of ‘Seiko Optical‘, Germany. The word Seiko in Japanese means “precision”. And this is exactly what you get when experiencing any Seiko product. We offer you Seiko lenses to ensure that you are given a flawless vision!

Particular care is needed when you are cleaning lenses. Our lens cleaning spray solution is purely manufactured from natural ingredients and uses a natural effect – “the sparkling effect. Use it everyday or whenever you need to clean your glasses, and bring the bottle back to us for a FREE REFILL once the solution gets finished. Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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