The brutal sun makes us weary but it also has the capability to damage our eyes. So, if at any point you find your eyes to be bothered by the rays of the sun, then it’s time to head out to the opticians in Mauritius to pick out a new pair of sunnies. It is very essential that it be among the best sunglasses that suits your eyes.

Sunglasses do much more than only enhance your “cool” quotient. These help the eyes from the extremely harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun. These rays damage the surface of the eyes which can have the potential of bringing over diseases like cancer, glaucoma, cataract etc.

Best Sunglasses in Mauritius

While choosing your preferable brand of best sunglasses from the optical shops in Mauritius, you should keep certain pointers in mind:-

  • It must give UV protection – Don’t let the colour or price deceive you. The capacity of blocking UV rays is independent of the darkness quotient or the price of the glasses. The ones which have 99-100 percent blocking labels are the best bet for your eyes.
  • Try to cover most of your face – The wraparound sunnies provide extra protection from the rays of the sun. A pair which fits really close to your eyes and covers most of the face will prevent UV exposure even from back. Consult the opticians in Mauritius for best recommendations.
  • Quality of the lens – Lenses should have uniform darkness in all the areas. To check for any imperfection, you can hold it at arm’s length and then see through them along a straight line. In case of any distortion along the straight edge, you can understand that the lens has flaws.
  • Glasses with special features are an added benefit – Sunglasses from the optician can have special features like polarized lenses, mirror coatings, gradients, photochromic lenses and more. Thus, you need to choose wisely that whether you are buying them for a special game or activity or for using them regularly. The type of sunglass should fit the purpose.
  • Enough blocking of light – Sunglasses should be able to block 75-90 percent of the light. To make sure the pair is right for you, consult one of the best optician in Mauritius, i2i Optical.