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Optical Shop in Curepipe on Development of Vision in Children

A newborn learns something fresh every moment of its new life. The optical shop in Curepipe has many female patients with children who are learning from walking, talking, crawling and

Opticians in Mauritius and the Different Shades of Eyes Seen by Them

The one thing which catches our attention when we meet someone the first time are their eyes. The shape, colour, size, brows are the various factors we notice. There are

Eyewear Store in Mauritius Shares Signs of Vision Problems in Children

Almost 60% children who have been diagnosed with learning difficulties, also have problems with their visions which often remain undiagnosed and many of such cases have been observed by the

Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Mauritius and Its Benefits

Every day at office usually means copious hours spent in front of the computer screen. After coming back home, your eyes become strained. To add to that, there are digital

Cataract Surgery FAQs from the Top Optical Store in Mauritius

With old age, comes the risk of developing cataract. The vision gets compromised and the patient has to undergo a surgery to get rid of the situation. Optical Store in

Tips from the Optician in Mauritius on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy Naturally

Your eyes are one of the most delicate organs. Those are exposed to all the external agents throughout the day. Optician in Mauritius like i2i Optical gives you the best

Factors to Be Mindful of Before Buying Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Mauritius

The bygone era did not have the issue of controlling light exposure. But, in today’s times, it has become very crucial for us to shield our eyes from damage if

Sunburn – Can your Eyes be Effected too? Optical Shop in Mauritius

29 Sep No Comments Tarik_says Eye Care, Eye Glasses ,

 The easy response is YES! Just like the skin, the eyes are also an organ. So as the skin gets affected due to sunburn, so do the eyes. The obvious

How do Our Eyes Interpret 3D Movies – Opticians in Mauritius

The expert opticians in Mauritius state that the beginning of the three – dimensional viewing had started by using two different screens with two different images placed on them and

Correlation between Sleep and Your Eye – Best Optical Shop

A good night’s sleep is the best way to ensure a productive next day! If the sleep remains incomplete, then the next day becomes groggy, there arises difficulty in concentration Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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