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Facts about SEIKO Progressive lenses

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SEIKO Optical has carved a special niche for itself for manufacturing the lightest and the thinnest high-tech spectacle lenses. SEIKO lenses are robust and attractive, even with high corrections. SEIKO

An Insight on SEIKO Single Vision Lens

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Single vision lenses refer to those lenses that have one single utility. This means, whether it is about viewing objects at a distance or for reading, single vision lenses rightly

Eye Care Professionals- Things to know before visiting optical showrooms

There is no doubt about the fact that routine eye check-up is one of the essential things that one can never afford to ignore.  While going for an eye check-up,

Your guide to buying designer sunglasses

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Designer sunglasses have always been in vogue! Let alone the fact that sunglasses add to the style quotient of the wearer, these eye accessories also have own benefits. And the

Benefits of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Beautiful eyes have always been the first noticeable factor in the appearance of a person. With the advancements in cosmetic and beauty lineup, everybody can enjoy the charm of myriad

Eyewear collection – what should I choose?

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Eye-wear as well as eyeglasses share an age old relation with people. For the less fortunate, who have a flawed eyesight, eyeglasses and contact lenses are one of the most necessary

What to look for in sunglasses?

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We are all aware about the harmful effects of UV rays on human skin, but, little that we know that UV rays can also cause cumulative damage to the eye.

What are the most effective tips for reducing eye strain?

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Our ultra-modern lifestyle makes us spend a lot of time in front of computers and Smartphones. Quite naturally, this puts an insurmountable amount of strain in our eyes. And why

Why annual eye examinations are must?

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Don’t we get our car serviced annually? Yes, indeed. Reason? Well, we want to ensure that it runs smoothly! But how many of us get our eyes checked every year?

Difference between an Eye Exam and Contact Lens Exam

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Putting aside the misnomer that routine eye exam is just the same as a contact lens exam, let us cast some light on the difference! For people with contact lenses Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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