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It may sound like a scientific journal to you, but the content in the write-up is specially fabricated, to help you understand the very phenomenon. It is not hard to understand, an eye is designed naturally, to let you see things in the dark.

Without getting much into the detail of it, and ending up boggling your head with the various physics derivations and mathematical outcomes, let’s take a look at it.

You might have studied in your school days, that light is a form of energy, which travels from the birthplace and reaches to the earth (the sun as a source).

However, it seems to have the ray of light reaching the earth, takes no time at all, on the contrary, it does take time (8 minutes and 22 seconds). It flows in a discontinuous and the non-constant packets of energies, called photons. Photons, when hit the object gets deflected.

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Same ray of light when strikes the eye, it acts as a catalyst (reaction initiating agent) and brings out the biochemical reaction, part of which, you are able to see things.

The question is; how blue light involves in it? And the foremost part is; what importance does it hold in our lives?

To understand that, you need to know, there are several sources through which, this particular ray of lights gets emitted.

It could be anywhere from; your plasma screen, blue-light therapy goggles (to cure numerous medical ailments), LED lamps and any possible source that comprises a particular wavelength and frequency. Light is actually the blend of seven visible colors and various non-visible rays.

Several decades ago, in a survey, it was found that this specific kind of ray of a certain frequency, and wavelength, when bombarded with an adequate amount on a subject, brought beneficial results.

National Institute of Health (N.I.H.) and US Medical Universities have discovered; the patients treated with the blue light, tend to get the effects of S.A.D. be reversed. It was revealed that the blue ray brings good benefits in numerous circadian depressive disorders.

It is by restricting all the frequencies and wavelengths of the white light (a mixture of 7 visible colors and non-visible, as mentioned above), and allowing only blue light to be discharged, can bring the desired results.

This is how it came into existence; how beneficial this ray of light can be for you if required.