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We must take proper care of our lens for a nice and clear vision. As a natural tendency, we often wipe our lens with sleeves or handkerchiefs, but we forget that they contain tiny dust particles that are not visible to the eyes and can scratch the lens easily. In fact, at times we also try to clean it with household chemicals which can cause great damage not only to the lens but can also be harmful to our frame, as this can make the frame corrode. As soon as we buy a spectacle, we must follow the cleaning instructions properly. But if you are not aware, then you can easily contact any top eye care clinic in Mauritius for any such advice.

Best Ways to Clean Lens

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Here we have listed down some of the best possible ways of cleaning lens:

  • You can clean your lens with the cleaning spray solution of i2i Optical which is purely made of natural ingredients. Avoid rinsing, as it may result in scratches. Firstly, remove the dust and then wipe it with a clean cloth.
  • Microfiber cleaning materials are an excellent choice for cleaning glasses. The dry cloth are very effective and trap oils to avoid smearing. You can get this in top eye care clinic in Mauritius.
  • At times, such solutions cannot be used. So, one can take professional help as well, like, Seiko lenses in Mauritius uses an ultrasonic cleaning device for cleaning your spectacles from bacteria and replacing the yellow nose pads.
  • If your lenses have anti-reflective (AR) coating, make sure the eyeglass cleaner you choose is approved for use on anti-reflective lenses.

Things to Remember

  • Avoid using random cloth to clean your glasses as they carry dust. Instead, use a specialized lens cloth.
  • Do not dry clean your lens. Dry surfaces such as a tissue or paper towel are too rough. Use cleaning solution that would provide the sparkling effect to your lenses.
  • Household cleaning products are meant for the home, not for lenses. They contain ammonia-based chemicals that can break down the protective coating on lenses.
  • Trying to buff out scratches may cause more scratches.

 Even though you follow the guidelines or take professional help, it is always advisable to change your lens after a while as they don’t last forever.