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How Contact Lenses are Made? Lens manufacturing techniques

Contact lenses are delicate products, with each of them a result of superior craftsmanship. As we have written on our blog earlier, contact lenses can be of three types: soft

The Beginner’s Guide for Buying Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are now fast emerging as the best eyewear option for people with prescription power and without. Experts at the best eye care clinic in Mauritius, i2i Optical, suggest

Wearing Contact Lens : The Benefits

If you are detected with myopia or hyperopia, you feel disappointed that you would have to wear specs. You may be worried that this may spoil your looks. But things

Contact Lens: Things That You Must Know

Usage of the contact lenses have become very versatile now. The use of contact lenses has now been extensive. But you must know some basic facts for your eye health

Buy Contact Lenses from the Best Eye Care Clinic in Mauritius

Gone are the days when people thought that contact lenses are only for the well-heeled. No, today anyone can afford good quality contact lenses. With time and awareness, the usual

Myopia and Hyperopia : Symptoms and Treatments

Are you aware of Myopia and Hyperopia? These are the most common types of eye problems in throughout the world. We at i2i Optical being the leading optical center in Mauritius in this

Computer Vision Syndrome – Things You Must Know

10 May No Comments Tarik_says Contact Lense, Sunglasses

Have you heard of Computer Vision Syndrome? The Happy days of 9 to 5 jobs are now a thing of the past; all of which have now been replaced with

Lets Take Good Care Of Our Eyes

6 May No Comments Tarik_says Contact Lense, Eye Frames, Lenses

Our eyes are precious gifts from the Al Mighty. We may often tend to take our good vision and eye sight for granted. However with rising pollution, the exposure of our

5 Types of Contact Lenses Popular Among Wearers

Contact lenses have varied purposes, and can be used for therapeutic, cosmetic and corrective purposes. As compared to normal eyeglasses, these can be used, maintained, cleaned and replaced easily. The Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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