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A regular eye check-up is extremely mandatory if you are diabetic. As per the report of W.H.O., diabetes is almost imminent; thanks to the not so good nutrition you feed your body.

Type 1 and 2 diabetic patients are highly advised for a regular eye check-up. It is said that your body comprises of what you eat. In simple words; you become what you eat. Despite the few exceptions (hereditary), the disease can be cured with adequate diet-plan and a regular consultancy with the specialist.

It is important to understand, how this ailment affects your vision. According to N.E.I. (National Eye Institute) USA, a diabetic patient has their retina, more prone to Diabetic Retinopathy, and is believed to affect the sensitive tissues of the retina.

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According to the opticians in Mauritius, in diabetes, a high amount of sugar in the blood affects the blood vessels of the retina, compromising in the normal blood supply and drainage of the retina thus destroying its sensitive tissues. In some cases; hemorrhage may occur causing more complications which may leave you with a complete sight loss.

The purpose of this blog is, to make you aware of the medical complications you may face (especially if you are a diabetic), and to encourage you for a regular eye check-up.

High blood sugar when persisted not only gets resulted into Diabetic Retinopathy, but also if persisted, can be resulted into swelling around the central part of the retina. The condition is known as Diabetic Macular Edema or D.M.E.

In this medical condition, the fluid begins to accumulate around the macula (a region around the retina), which plays a major role in sharp and straight vision, in recognizing faces of the people in your acquaintance, and during driving a car; causing an edema

An expert’s advice is highly recommended for a diabetic patient. The write-up in this blog may make you aware of the medical challenges you may face, however, for more information, it is advisable if you seek for an eye specialist.

A regular visit to the optometrist and the doctor, not only detects the possibility of a major health impediment if any, but also, keeps a check on your overall vision.

So, diabetic or not, don’t forget to confirm your appointment now.