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Buy Contact Lenses from the Best Eye Care Clinic in Mauritius

Gone are the days when people thought that contact lenses are only for the well-heeled. No, today anyone can afford good quality contact lenses. With time and awareness, the usual

Do You Need To Get Your Eyes Tested From Top Specialist?

In today’s digital world, eye testing in Mauritius and around is necessary and that is not just for teenagers and younger population who spends hour in front of their computer

Different Types Of Spectacles Frames Offered By Opticians In Mauritius

26 Feb No Comments Tarik_says Cosmetic Contact Lens, Eye Care, Eye Exams, Eye Frames, Lenses, Optimetry

Eye Glasses- once considered as a deal breaker in the fashion world- has become a statement maker today, with top celebrities going all out on red carpets and events flaunting

3 Main Benefits of Progressive Optical Lenses

Progressive glasses have become popular with all age groups, ever since they have been introduced in the market. Although there were some problems regarding the adaptation and design of these

8 Types Of Progressive Optical Lenses

Progressive lenses – which are also referred to as invisible or no-line bifocals – come with multiple focal points. These let wearers see at a long distance and even read

5 Types of Contact Lenses Popular Among Wearers

Contact lenses have varied purposes, and can be used for therapeutic, cosmetic and corrective purposes. As compared to normal eyeglasses, these can be used, maintained, cleaned and replaced easily. The

Benefits and Types of SEIKO Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses in Mauritius are becoming very popular by every passing day everyone is rooting to them. And why not really, when these lenses have a long list of benefits.

Considering different factors before shipping for any particular coloured contact lens in Mauritius

Coloured contact lenses are one of those few items, although very small, can be used to make big and bold style statement. Whether sporting those blood red contact lenses on

Eye Specialist In Mauritius Even If You Don’t Want Glass Or Contacts

Years back people had reasons to squint when reading any texts or road signs, today they don’t have any; availability of top eye specialist in Mauritius has deprived them of

Why People In Mauritius Choose Freshlook Contact Lenses Over Glasses?

Even though you don’t like the idea of being a vampire, you can, in a sense, change the color of your eyes everyday; coloured contact lenses are the solution. Many Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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