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Drusen are yellow deposits under the retina. Drusen comprise lipids and fatty protein. Drusen likely do not cause age-related macular degeneration. Young people generally do not suffer from Drusen. Drusen can also occur in the optic nerve. These Drusen are made up of protein and calcium salts and generally appear in both eyes.

Drusen and vision loss: Any Relation?

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  • The Optic nerve Drusen can sometimes enlarge and compress the nerve fibers as well causing peripheral loss of vision.
  • No definitive treatment currently exists for optic nerve Drusen. Patients with documented optic nerve Drusen should be followed with serial visual field exams, optic nerve fiber and also visual loss. Hence, if you want to consult an optician in Mauritius, go for a reputed one or go to a verified eye care center.
  • The risk of vision loss is related to the number and size of the Drusen. The ones with more and larger Drusen are definitely at higher risk while those with fewer Drusen have less risk.

The presence of Drusen means that some central vision loss could occur, either from slowly progressing atrophy related to Dry AMD or withering away of the retinal tissue or from rapid new blood vessel growth and leakage, related to wet AMD. If a doctor tells that you do not have wet AMD yet you still see some disparity, this may be due to the Drusen. Both can possibly occur only in aged persons but rare cases also happen. Hence, stay aware and if any disparity in eye vision occurs, immediate consultation with an expert eye specialist in Mauritius is the most expected thing.