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There are two main types of Drusen in the eyes – optic nerve and macular – they are two very different conditions. Macular Drusen can be one of the earliest symptoms of macular degeneration. Drusen hardly can be identified properly. It is only through examinations that they can be identified. If you want to consult the best eye check-up clinic in Mauritius, we at i2i Optical can assure you an early detection.

There are many small Drusens as well as few medium-sized Drusen which is a sign of early AMD and many medium-sized Drusen or one or more large Drusen is a symptom of intermediate AMD. Advanced AMD is noted by several medium sized to large size Drusen.

These yellow spots don’t cause macular degeneration, but they do play a role in the progression of this eye disease. Most of the time, when it is not macular degeneration, it is a patient who is much younger and has features that look like macular degeneration. Those are very uncommon occurrences, but when that happens, that is caused by a hereditary mutation in a gene that causes disease that runs in families. There is a test that can be done at home to help you monitor your vision—which is called the Amsler Grid.

Research suggests that no matter what your age is, increasing your intake of vitamins and foods that protect the eyes might significantly decrease your chances for developing macular degeneration. Besides adding eye-protecting foods to your diet, having other proper healthy habits like exercising, protecting your eyes from the sun and quit smoking can also help preserve your eyesight. This is especially applicable in case of early symptoms of Drusen.

There have been a lot of advances in diagnostic tools over the last several years that allow us to see the retina, and even Drusen can be detected from an eye check up and precautions can be taken based on such diagnosis.