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Correlation of Diabetes with eye

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A regular eye check-up is extremely mandatory if you are diabetic. As per the report of W.H.O., diabetes is almost imminent; thanks to the not so good nutrition you feed

Concerns about Choosing an Optician in Mauritius

Eyes are most precious. There is no room for any experiment with anything that has to do with your body. It is even more so for the eyes. You are

Go to the Top Eye Care Clinic in Mauritius for Preventive Solution to Eyesight Problems

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There are a number of issues causing diminutive vision to children and grown-ups. A number of eye conditions can become the reason of inefficiency in seeing. It is important to

Why to Take Your Kids to an Eye Checkup Clinic in Mauritius

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Regardless of your overall health condition and age, routine eye check-up for a person’s visual abilities is important. The optometrist does a lot more than checking the visual ability of

Why You Should Go to An Eye Checkup Clinic in Mauritius?

Routine eye checkup is be important for multiple reasons. An efficient doctor at the eye clinic can do more than just writing a prescription, determining the problem and suggesting the type

How to Choose the Right Frame for Your Eye Glasses

Are you aware of the factors you need to know for choosing the right frame for your eye glasses? If not then this blog will help you to choose the

Contact Lens: Things That You Must Know

Usage of the contact lenses have become very versatile now. The use of contact lenses has now been extensive. But you must know some basic facts for your eye health

Why Use Sunglasses For Eye Protection?

Are you aware of why Sunglasses are important for your eyes? Most of us have an opinion that Sunglasses only are fashion accessories and help us look smart and trendy.

Nearly Blind? You still shouldn’t see an Ophthalmologist

Many people choose to wait till the very last moment before finally heading out to ophthalmologists doctors in Mauritius to seek help for their vision problems. And then there are

See an Optician to Ensure Your Vision Remains Clear!

For a person who has seen the beautiful things in the world, even the thought of bring blind or partially sighted is scary. After all, eyes are a vital instrument Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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