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Rimless or Semi Rimless: Ask Your Optician in Mauritius

23 Sep No Comments Tarik_says Eye Frames , ,

Head for the top eye care clinic in Mauritius and you are faced with one perennial question: what should be the type of frame for your eyewear. There are so

Lets Take Good Care Of Our Eyes

6 May No Comments Tarik_says Contact Lense, Eye Frames, Lenses

Our eyes are precious gifts from the Al Mighty. We may often tend to take our good vision and eye sight for granted. However with rising pollution, the exposure of our

Gifting Stylish Spectacles Frames

With top brands popping new and stylish varieties of custom spectacles frames every other day, this item has become one of the most preferred gifts gifts, for giving on birthdays,

Nerdy Spectacle Frames Should You Wear Them?

You must have already heard countless times by now about just how important it is to pick the right spectacle frames. The right frame can add up to your overall

Choosing the sunglasses that complements your personality is important

From being a need to a style statement maker, sunglasses have covered a long distance over the years. Today owning if not wearing all the time- stylish sunglasses in Mauritius

Do You Need To Get Your Eyes Tested From Top Specialist?

In today’s digital world, eye testing in Mauritius and around is necessary and that is not just for teenagers and younger population who spends hour in front of their computer

Different Types Of Spectacles Frames Offered By Opticians In Mauritius

26 Feb No Comments Tarik_says Cosmetic Contact Lens, Eye Care, Eye Exams, Eye Frames, Lenses, Optimetry

Eye Glasses- once considered as a deal breaker in the fashion world- has become a statement maker today, with top celebrities going all out on red carpets and events flaunting

5 Types of Contact Lenses Popular Among Wearers

Contact lenses have varied purposes, and can be used for therapeutic, cosmetic and corrective purposes. As compared to normal eyeglasses, these can be used, maintained, cleaned and replaced easily. The

Eye Specialists Can Detect More Than Just Vision Problems

A lot of people put off going to the eye doctor if they feel that their vision hasn’t changed. But did you know that an eye exam is as effective

Sunglasses – A Must for the Summers!

Most men and women wear sunglasses because they think it makes for a good fashion statement. But there is more to sunglasses than what meets the eye. They protect your Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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