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Beginner’s Guide for Buying the Perfect Eyewear Lenses

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Despite the popularity of contact lenses, many people prefer to use prescription glasses on frames of various types. There are many reasons for this loyalty to traditional eyewear as opposed

Buying Sunglasses from eye care clinic in Mauritius: The Options Available  

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Eyewear has the ability to create a different look each time you change them! Why stick to your old pair of eyewear when you can embrace a completely different avatar,

Major Benefits of Progressive Lenses for Eye Health

Presbyopia is an eye condition which generally occurs in a person around the age of 40 years. As a result of this condition you may experience blurred near vision when

Buying the Right Spectacles: Basic tips

You wear spectacles for vision rectification. Yet this is not the only criteria for buying them. You also buy them depending on how you would look in them. They must have

Selecting The Right Lenses For Your Eye Glass

Our vision is a precious gift from the almighty. We tend to take our vision for granted. Myopia and Hyperaopia are common eye problems. However these problems may easily be Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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