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Eye, as one of the vital parts in your body, plays a significant role in helping you out in your daily routine. It is hard not to understand, an eye is a genetic marvel given to us by Mother Nature.

You can simply imagine, how wondrous this organ is, by just knowing the fact; it has the tendency to have more than 576 megapixels.

Even though, one of the camera giants is working on 75 megapixels, and the product is still a prototype, it’s still not close enough to – what a human eye can do.

Thus, it is important to take care of your eye and a regular checkup from an expert is recommended, thrice or half-annually, in case you have a healthy eye-sight. It is highly advised to visit an eye specialist regularly or as per advised by the expert, in case you have any medical challenge with your sight.

To maintain a flow and the integrity of the previous blog, where it was mentioned – how the use of the blue light came into existence? – Let’s take a keen insight to a human eye.

Check out the previous blog, if you wish to know what blue light is, how useful it is, what is its correlation with the light spectrum (visible & non-visible) and what are the ailments that can be cured with the use, this ray of light-spectrum.

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To begin with, let’s glanced down into the small description of the visible spectrum;

Visible spectrum comprises of the visible part of the white light, you get from the sun. It, when passes through the prism, gets scattered into seven different colors of, rays – each having a certain frequency and a wavelength.

It makes you wonder, how millions of years of evolution would come up with a magnificent piece of natural genetic engineering, called the human eye.

When you visit your family eye specialist, they not only look for your vision, they also look for any diseases or infection, in case your eyes carry one.

With the pollution increasing every day, and not having a good diet as it used to be fifty years ago, it is essential that you visit the doctor, to know the diet chart to keep your vision in a healthy state.

It is highly recommended to go for a reputed brand such as; Seiko, in case you want to try lenses.

Also, an expert’s advice is highly suggested before trying them.