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How To Clean Your Lens In The Best Possible Way?

11 Oct No Comments Tarik_says Lenses

We must take proper care of our lens for a nice and clear vision. As a natural tendency, we often wipe our lens with sleeves or handkerchiefs, but we forget

Contact Lenses: What are they made of?

20 Mar No Comments Tarik_says Eye Care, Lenses , , ,

Have you ever tried to give a thought to the fact, what exactly your contact lenses are made of? It is important to know that as you wear them on

Contact Lens or Glass: Which One Is Best for You?

When you head to an optical center in Mauritius, you are faced with a choice, especially if you have prescription power for your eyes. You are split for choice between

Lets Take Good Care Of Our Eyes

6 May No Comments Tarik_says Contact Lense, Eye Frames, Lenses

Our eyes are precious gifts from the Al Mighty. We may often tend to take our good vision and eye sight for granted. However with rising pollution, the exposure of our

Gifting Stylish Spectacles Frames

With top brands popping new and stylish varieties of custom spectacles frames every other day, this item has become one of the most preferred gifts gifts, for giving on birthdays,

Know About Seiko Progressive Lenses You Might Need Them

As people grow old, their vision gets distorted. They lose their ability to focus on near objects this condition is called Presbyopia. It is quite common and millions of people

Don’t Make the Mistake of Picking the Wrong Sunglasses for Yourself

The best way to pick the right sunglasses for men or women is to avoid the wrong ones. That’s right, it’s just that easy- don’t buy the wrong sunglass and

Nearly Blind? You still shouldn’t see an Ophthalmologist

Many people choose to wait till the very last moment before finally heading out to ophthalmologists doctors in Mauritius to seek help for their vision problems. And then there are

See an Optician to Ensure Your Vision Remains Clear!

For a person who has seen the beautiful things in the world, even the thought of bring blind or partially sighted is scary. After all, eyes are a vital instrument

Do You Need To Get Your Eyes Tested From Top Specialist?

In today’s digital world, eye testing in Mauritius and around is necessary and that is not just for teenagers and younger population who spends hour in front of their computer Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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