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Tips from Optometrist in Mauritius to Protect your Eyes this Monsoon

i2i Optical brings you some exclusive Tips from Optometrist in Mauritius to Protect your Eyes this Monsoon. We always welcome the monsoon showers with great joy. The relief of the

High Index Lenses from the Best Optical Shop in Port Louis

These lenses are the ideal choice in case you want thinner, lighter lenses and spectacles. These are attractive and very comfortable too. These are recommended by the best optical shop

The Best Lens Material for your Reading Glasses from i2i Optical

The Reading Glasses chosen by you for your glasses are more important than the frames you choose. Those determine how efficient it would be for you to wear your eye

Tips from the Best Eyewear Shop in Mauritius on Glasses for your Face Shape

There is a particular reason why some glasses which are displayed on the shelves of the best eyewear shop in Mauritius look good but they don’t look as good when

Buy Contact Lenses from the Best Eye Care Clinic in Mauritius

Gone are the days when people thought that contact lenses are only for the well-heeled. No, today anyone can afford good quality contact lenses. With time and awareness, the usual

Why Use Sunglasses For Eye Protection?

Are you aware of why Sunglasses are important for your eyes? Most of us have an opinion that Sunglasses only are fashion accessories and help us look smart and trendy.

Myopia and Hyperopia : Symptoms and Treatments

Are you aware of Myopia and Hyperopia? These are the most common types of eye problems in throughout the world. We at i2i Optical being the leading optical center in Mauritius in this Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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