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Buy Contact Lenses from the Best Eye Care Clinic in Mauritius

Gone are the days when people thought that contact lenses are only for the well-heeled. No, today anyone can afford good quality contact lenses. With time and awareness, the usual

Nerdy Spectacle Frames Should You Wear Them?

You must have already heard countless times by now about just how important it is to pick the right spectacle frames. The right frame can add up to your overall

Don’t Make the Mistake of Picking the Wrong Sunglasses for Yourself

The best way to pick the right sunglasses for men or women is to avoid the wrong ones. That’s right, it’s just that easy- don’t buy the wrong sunglass and

Nearly Blind? You still shouldn’t see an Ophthalmologist

Many people choose to wait till the very last moment before finally heading out to ophthalmologists doctors in Mauritius to seek help for their vision problems. And then there are

See an Optician to Ensure Your Vision Remains Clear!

For a person who has seen the beautiful things in the world, even the thought of bring blind or partially sighted is scary. After all, eyes are a vital instrument

Do You Need To Get Your Eyes Tested From Top Specialist?

In today’s digital world, eye testing in Mauritius and around is necessary and that is not just for teenagers and younger population who spends hour in front of their computer

8 Types Of Progressive Optical Lenses

Progressive lenses – which are also referred to as invisible or no-line bifocals – come with multiple focal points. These let wearers see at a long distance and even read

5 Types of Eye Care Specialists to Go For

Eye problems affect a huge part of the population today, and many people find it tough to find good doctors to turn to for help. A lot of sufferers of

Eye Specialists Can Detect More Than Just Vision Problems

A lot of people put off going to the eye doctor if they feel that their vision hasn’t changed. But did you know that an eye exam is as effective

Why Sunglasses Are Not Just for Clicking Selfies

Well-made shades do a lot more than just making you look like a movie star. They protect your eyes from a number of problems, including those that are caused due Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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