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Can supplements and vitamins prevent Drusen?

4 Nov No Comments Tarik_says Eye Care

Age-related macular degeneration or Drusen might lead to vision loss. Hence, there are certain primary precautions or solutions that can help reduce the risk of this quite easily, because, nothing

Drusen: What is this?

15 Oct No Comments Tarik_says Eye Care

There are two main types of Drusen in the eyes – optic nerve and macular – they are two very different conditions. Macular Drusen can be one of the earliest

Pride Sunglass Frames – Which One Suits Your Face Type?

4 Oct No Comments Tarik_says Eye Care

PRIDE Eyewear is well-known since three generations in eyewear manufacture and design. Unique in style, Pride eyewear is entirely designed and handmade in Italy. They research for the best quality

Seiko Lenses in Mauritius

11 Jul No Comments Tarik_says Eye Care

Mauritius based best eye clinic offers you the best of Seiko-products and best of the eye specialists you would look for. With the goodness of a renowned brand and the

Tips for safer screen viewing and relieve eyestrain caused by Blue Light emission

While concluding our last blog, we have discussed the effect of blue light emissions on our eyes as well as how digital devices increasing our exposure to it. In this

Effects of Blue Light Emission on Human Eye

In our previous blog, we started with introducing you to technicalities related to Blue light and it’s source. In this blog we will discuss the effects of Blue Light emissions

Blue light: What is it and what are the sources of it?

This blog is the first of 4 blog series where we will inform you everything about blue light and its effects on nature and on the human eye. Before going

Effect of UV rays from Sunlight on Our Eyes

24 Apr No Comments Tarik_says Eye Care , ,

The body has several mechanisms to defend itself from external threat. There are various protective organs and body parts that provide cover to fragile and sensitive body organs. The eye

How environmental Pollution affects on our Eye Health?

Opticians in Mauritius and generally all over the globe are unanimous on their view that environmental pollution wrecks havoc on eye health. Pollution, especially air pollution, can cause severe damage

Using Contact Lenses? You Must Follow the Required Safety Guidelines

30 Mar No Comments Tarik_says Eye Care ,

Usually people ensure that they buy their contact lenses from the best eyecare clinic in Mauritius. They are very particular about this because they are concerned about the quality of Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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