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PRIDE Eyewear is well-known since three generations in eyewear manufacture and design. Unique in style, Pride eyewear is entirely designed and handmade in Italy. They research for the best quality materials and new technologies like laser engraving, which are then blended with fashion and comfort to present a unique, special and fashionable accessory. Strong personality, different shapes, colors, lightness and flexibility are our greatest strengths.

How to find which frame suits your face type?

To find a pair of sunglasses that will look best on you, you must first understand your face shape. Once you know your face shape, you can start narrowing down glass styles that will complement the shape. Hence, the first step towards finding the perfect pair of glasses is to know your face shape. As every face is unique in angles and lines that contour the face, try to pick a frame that strongly resembles your face. You can check any reputed optical store in Mauritius for the latest styles of sunglasses. The four most common face shapes are square, oval, heart and round face shapes.

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SQUARE FACE SHAPE – Square faces are distinguished by a wide forehead and cheekbones, and a strong, rectangular jaw line. To soften such boxy features, choose oval or round-shaped glasses. Even aviator and cat eye style frames have the right amount of softness to complement your face, but we recommend staying away from square or rectangular styles.

HEART FACE SHAPE –The heart-shaped or triangle-shaped face is very distinguishable: it’s characterized by a sharp jaw line and a wide forehead. To balance a pointed chin, choose wide, upswept styles like cat eyes, rectangular glasses and retro square glasses. We provide the best range of Seiko lenses in Mauritius.

OVAL FACE SHAPE – Oval shape is quite common and can pull off any type of glass style. Round, rectangle, aviator or retro square – take your pick! Although you have a lot of options, keep proportion in mind: rimless or half frame readers work well with petite faces while full frame glasses are best for longer faces.

ROUND FACE SHAPE – Round shapes are very good as it is free of harsh angles – it’s best to add dimension with a pair of rectangular glasses. Various unique angled frames like cat eyes and retro square glasses also add dimension to soft features. Avoid round frame sunglasses, which will only add extra width and curviness to a circular shape.

So if you are bored of trying old sunglass types, hurry up and shop for Pride glasses, in sophisticated styles and affordable price!