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How to Choose the Right Frame for Your Eye Glasses

Are you aware of the factors you need to know for choosing the right frame for your eye glasses? If not then this blog will help you to choose the

Know About Seiko Progressive Lenses You Might Need Them

As people grow old, their vision gets distorted. They lose their ability to focus on near objects this condition is called Presbyopia. It is quite common and millions of people

Nerdy Spectacle Frames Should You Wear Them?

You must have already heard countless times by now about just how important it is to pick the right spectacle frames. The right frame can add up to your overall

Do You Need To Get Your Eyes Tested From Top Specialist?

In today’s digital world, eye testing in Mauritius and around is necessary and that is not just for teenagers and younger population who spends hour in front of their computer

3 Main Benefits of Progressive Optical Lenses

Progressive glasses have become popular with all age groups, ever since they have been introduced in the market. Although there were some problems regarding the adaptation and design of these

SEIKO- A Leading Lens Brand With Many Shades

Eyes are one of the most sensitive of all body parts and it requires extra attention and care. And this is why picking (or asking the eyes specialists to pick)

8 Types Of Progressive Optical Lenses

Progressive lenses – which are also referred to as invisible or no-line bifocals – come with multiple focal points. These let wearers see at a long distance and even read

Different Designs Of SEIKO Single Vision Lenses

When an eye doctor is correcting one field of your vision- nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism- she/he will usually prescribe SEIKO single vision lenses. These lenses have the same focal power

How Seiko Brand Lenses And Frames Differ From Other Brands In Mauritius?

What makes any contact lens brand a good one isn’t necessarily a question of millennia, but it is a question that many people in Mauritius and around the world seriously

Know the Different Parts of Your Eyeglass

Do you wear spectacles? Most people, who were eyeglasses, put them on without a second thought. As long as they fit comfortably, vision is clear and makes the wearer look Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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