There is a particular reason why some glasses which are displayed on the shelves of the best eyewear shop in Mauritius look good but they don’t look as good when you actually try them on. The shape of your face plays a significant role on what kinds of glasses would look good on you. So before going to purchase a premium optical frame , you can go through these suggestions.

So here are some recommendations from the best eyewear shop in Mauritius on face shapes and what types of glasses suit them

  • Oval Face Shape – For maintaining the natural proportion of an oval face, you should look for glass frames which are as wide or are wider than the widest part of your face. Frames which have the walnut-shape are neither too deep nor very narrow are suitable for this face shape.
  • Heart Face Shape – In this face shape, the top part of the face is wide and the bottom is narrow. It is often called the base-up triangle face. For avoiding the wide top half, choose frames which are wider in the bottom part from the wide collection of frames available at the best eyewear shop in Mauritius. Rimless or light-coloured or thin frames also look good on this face shape.

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  • Oblong Face Shape – It is a relatively long face and has a long, almost straight cheek line. For making it seem shorter, you can try frames which have depth and not width. Frames which have decorative and opposing temples also provide width.
  • Square Face Shape – A strong jaw and wide forehead make up a square face. The width of the face and its length has almost the same proportions. To soften up this angular structure, you can try on the narrow styles of frames which are more wide than they are deep.
  • Diamond Shaped Face – These face shapes are narrow on the forehead and jawline. The cheekbones are broad. This is a very rare face type. Spectacles which are rimless and frames which are oval or cat-eyed are good options to go for.

Spectacle frames for these and many more face shapes can be found at the best eyewear shop in Mauritius. So, whatever be your face shape, visit the store today and take your best pick.