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The Optometrist in Port Louis Queries if You are Having Dry Eyes?

20 Apr No Comments Tarik_says Optician in Mauritius

There are many patients who come with the complaint of having “watery eyes”. Unlike the name, the condition which causes it is actually dryness in the eyes. Optometrist in Port Louis

You Think Reading too Many Books Affects Eyes?

15 Apr No Comments Tarik_says best eyewear shop, Eye Care

During the times of exams, students have to cram a lot. These days most of the study materials are available online. Spending a significant amount of time in front of

Why to Involve a Professional Help at the Optical Store in Mauritius?

10 Apr No Comments Tarik_says Eye Care

This blog deals with why professional help is important at the Optical Store in Mauritius while selecting eyewear. The ones who have been working in the field of optics, develop

Quitting smoking – the way to better eye health

20 Mar No Comments Tarik_says better eye health

This blog tells you about the way to better eye health and ill effects of smoking on your eye health. We all know that smoking is detrimental to our health. 

Retinal detachments – A comprehensive discussion by i2i Optical

16 Mar No Comments Tarik_says Retinal detachments

What is Retinal Detachment? It’s is a situation when the light-sensitive layer of tissue in the back of our eye called retina is pulled away from its normal position. What

Information on Child Eyecare by the best eye wear shop in Mauritius

A stitch in time saves nine – we are all aware of this English proverb.  This is even true with eye care. Every eye problem can be handled more effectively

The best colored contact lens shop in Mauritius – i2i Optical

Holi, the festival of color, is knocking at the door.  During Holi, we get all the time to make merry and drench ourselves in the spirit of Holi and of

Astigmatism Facts from Best Optical Store in Port Louis

29 Feb No Comments Tarik_says best eyewear shop, Eye Care

A disorder of the eye which happens due to unevenly shaped cornea in the eye is astigmatism. It leads to blurry vision, feeling of discomfort in the eyes and also

Learn More about Low Vision from the Optometrist in Port Louis

Low vision is a condition wherein vision disorder cannot be be corrected completely by using glasses or contact lenses from the Optometrist in Port Louis or any medicine or even surgery

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with designer optical frames in Mauritius from i2i Optical

It is that time of the year again when we celebrate love. Yes you are right we are talking about Valentine’s Day.  But seriously, do we need a special day Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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