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Transition Lens

    As clear as possible – as dark as required – in record time! SEIKO Transitions is the intelligent lens that automatically adapts itself to ambient light conditions. Being virtually clear indoors, the lenses darken within seconds of being exposed to sunlight.
    Simultaneously your eyes are protected against interfering wavelengths from artificial light and ultraviolet rays. The SEIKO Transitions lenses are ideal for every day wear and are so thin and lightweight, you will hardly know you are wearing them.
    In a recent consumer survey, 82% complained about glare, 73% had sensitive eyes and 60% suffered from tired eyes.

    Features of Seiko Transitions® lenses:

    -> Fastest adapting, thinnest and lightest lens of its type
    -> 100% UV-A-and UV-B-protection
    -> Relaxed and contrast rich viewing of a PC monitor
    -> As dark as class III category sunglasses
    -> Twice as fast adaption compared to previous versions
    -> Perfect dazzle protection in every situations
    -> Suitable for driving at night
    -> Available as progressive and single vision lenses
    -> Include a resistant hard-coating, special anti reflection coating and easy-to-clean surface layer
    -> Available in grey and brown Protection Status © 2017 I2I Optical. All Rights Reserved.
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